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1:1 Sessions (In person or Virtual)

30 minute sessions:
A condensed, personalized one-on-one program designed to achieve an individual’s fitness goals. The 30-minute program is most beneficial when it has a single focus, and best suits the client looking to improve strength or mobility during that session.

60 minute sessions:
An intense one-on-one power hour designed to provide the client with a well-rounded workout composed of an active warm-up, strength training, circuit finisher, and ending with mobility stretches. The hour allows the client to cover all aspects of a thorough workout - building muscle, incorporating cardiovascular training, and increasing flexibility.

Online Custom Programming (3 month Commitment)
A shared online program that provides progressive monthly workout plans covering strength and mobility exercises. Best suited for individuals who have the motivation and dedication to follow a personalized fitness program on their own. Clients are still able to give and receive feedback through sharing videos, as well as updating their weight and other physical statistics, and asking questions whenever needed.